A-Z Directory

Art History: Abstract Expressionism to Sensationalism

Calligraphy (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Bread Making (AUGUST DAY SCHOOL)

Creative Writing for Improvers

Dance Fitness: The Musicals

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Beginners – FULL

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Improvers – FULL

Drawing Skills (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Dressmaking (Twilight)

Dressmaking 3 – Daytime

Dressmaking 3 – Evening – FULL

Dressmaking: How to Draft a Bodice (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

East Asian Painting

East Asian Painting (AUGUST SUMMER SCHOOL)

East Asian Painting (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

English for Work: Beginners

English for Work: Beginners Plus

English for Work: Improvers

English for Work: Intermediate (E3)

English for Work: Intermediate (E3) – Evening

English for Work: Lower Advanced

English for Work: Upper Intermediate (L1)

English Functional Skills – Daytime

English Functional Skills – Evening

English GCSE (Evening)

English Get Started with Functional Skills (Daytime)

English Get Started With Functional Skills (Evening)

English: Confidence with English – daytime

English: Confidence with English – evening

Express Yourself Through Art and Journaling

Flower Arranging: Summer Wreath

Flowers: Large Scale Flower Arranging (SUMMER DAY SCHOOL)

Guitar Beginners 2

Guitar Beginners 3

Italian Intermediate 3

Italian: Advanced

Japanese Ikebana Flower Arranging (AUGUST DAY SCHOOL)

Japanese Ikebana Flower Arranging (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Japanese: Beginners 3

Japanese: Intermediate

Make-up and Skin Care for the Over 40s (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Maths Functional Skills (Daytime)

Maths Functional Skills (Evening)

Maths GCSE – Pearson Edexcel (Evening)

Maths Get Started with Functional Skills (Daytime)

Maths Get Started With Functional Skills (Evening)

Maths Multiply: Support Your Child at School

Maths Multiply: Support Your Child at School

Maths: Confidence with Maths – Daytime

Maths: Confidence with Maths – Evening

Oil and Watercolour Painting – FULL

Painting and Drawing

Painting: How to Paint Like a Famous Artist

Patchwork and Quilting: new adventures

Pattern Cutting 3 – Daytime

Pattern Cutting 3 – Evening

Pilates: Beginners Plus

Pilates: Intermediate

Psychology: An Introduction

Screen Printing (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Scripted in History: An Adventure into Chinese Characters

Silver Jewellery Beginners – Day Time

Silver Jewellery Ring Making: Beginners (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Silver Jewellery: Beginners

Silver Jewellery: Wax Casting (AUGUST SUMMER SCHOOL)

Spanish Beginners 3

Spectacular Stained Glass (SUMMER SCHOOL)

Spectacular Stained Glass (SUMMER SCHOOL) FULL

T’ai Chi 10 Step Form

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung Exercises

Upholstery – Afternoon

Upholstery – Evening

Watercolour Painting (AUGUST SUMMER SCHOOL)

Willow Weaving: Basket Making (AUGUST SUMMER SCHOOL)

Willow Weaving: Bird Feeder (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Writing Life Stories – Evening

Yoga for Everyone

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